26.05.2020   •   Resino Trykfarver A/S  •  News 

Temporary solvent surcharges June 2020

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Dear Customer,

We have good news on the solvent side.

Isopropanol is still only available in limited volume.
Price is still very high, although it has been reduced lately.

Ethanol is restrained, but still available.
Prices are still high, although they have been reduced lately.

N-Propanol maintains better availability.
Prices increased considerably less than Ethanol and Isopropanol and they remain at same elevated price.

MEK is restrained, but available and price is still high.

Overall the availability problem is rapidly improving but we are still a distance from returning to a normal situation regarding prices.

With the explanation above, we are happy to announce the possibility to reduce the temporary solvent surcharges.

The surcharges continue to be different depending on which product you purchase and each customer will be advised individually about the new surcharges.

The new surcharges will become valid for all orders shipped after June 1.

We will continuously post updates in the news section on www.resino.dk and inform you directly if the situation is affecting our service to you.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact me or your local Resino contact.

The letter can be downloaded here.