RESURAD 230-12



RESURAD 230-12 series is a selection of low migration, low odor free radical UV curing printing inks for use by flexo printing.

RESURAD 230-12 series is predominantly used for printing on corona treated Polyamide casings (recommended surface tension 44-46 dynes/cm) and find use for print on other food grade flexible packaging, where exceptional properties are required.

To ensure adhesion on Polyamide, RESURAD inks must be printed on top of RESURAD 230 Primer 0107-12 with 4% REDIVERS 300 Promotor 0193 or 4% REDIVERS 300 Promotor 0193 must be added directly into the ink.

The ink contains no solvents as such, since all components are involved in the curing process.

RESURAD 230-12 series should be printed on machines equipped with UV-lamps, see separate recommendation on lamp selection. Recommended anilox volume: 6-10 cm3/m2.

The fully cured print achieves very high resistance properties, including heat-, frost-, oil & grease- and boiling- resistances and can meet different demands, including indirect food contact.