Every man is important at Resino Printing Inks and we strive to always develop our working environment. We want to attract the utmost best people for the job. Resino Printing Inks is very focused on developing new products, so we can contribute to bringing the printing inks industry into the future.


50 employees

One in five is in R&D

Over 42 years of experiences in the industry


Resino Printing Inks is today’s world leader in specializing in food printing inks and exports printing inks to 5 continents and over 40 countries.


In 1985 Resino goes from toluene printing inks to exclusively focusing on producing printing inks for niche items for the food industry. That shift turns out to be huge success.


Yet again, the Danish printing companies go into a strike. This time the strike lasted for 117 days.


Resino starts with producing offset and book printing colors.

Resino Printing Inks exchanges the offset printing inks with toluene printing inks. Toluene printing inks are specifically made for magazines.


Marketing of UV inks. Resino is contributing to developing the entire market of printing inks by sending UV inks out on the market.


The strike in 1981 makes it possible for Finn Cederstrøm, to take over Resino from Kaj-Gert Koch Jensen.

Resino Printing Inks is still producing toluene inks but expands simultaneously their product range to include water and solvent printing inks.


The Danish printing companies goes into a strike that lasts for 144 days. Resino survives through the strike.


Kaj-Gert Koch Jensen founded Resino Printing Inks A/S.