New UV ink raises consumer safety and quality

New UV ink from Resino with extraordinary features such as low odor and higher drying speed.

Consumer safety and quality are key words where Resino’s inks are concerned. With the new series of RESUCAT® 210-27 ultraviolet ink, once again we increase the standard of your customer’s finished product.

Extraordinary features with Resino's UV ink

Reduced odor, faster printing speed and a host of other characteristics in high demand make RESUCAT® 210-27 ideal for printing on sausage casing and food packaging.

“When we develop new products, it is crucial that the products are safe to use and of very high quality. This is exactly why I am extremely proud to introduce Resino’s latest product series, RESUCAT® 210-27, UV ink series,” Finn Cederstrøm says, advisor at Resino Inks.

Exceeds standards

“With a host of extraordinary features such as reduced odor, higher drying speed and a low risk of migration, RESUCAT® 210-27 exceeds both consumer safety and quality standards, which make your product more attractive to your customers.”

UV inks based on new chemistry

RESUCAT® 210-27 is a cationic UV-curable printing ink for flexo printing. The series was developed based on a completely new chemistry, which has given RESUCAT® 210-27 some very special characteristics which are in high demand for printing on sausage casings and food packaging.

Kristian Karlsen, R&D Director of Resino Inks, elaborates: “RESUCAT® 210-27 UV ink series has been developed based on carefully selected raw materials and many years of experience in developing and refining printing inks for food packaging."

"For that reason, the new RESUCAT® 210-27 series may advantageously replace our current RESUCAT® 210 variants as they meet the same high safety and quality standards - but the RESUCAT® 210-27 UV ink does even better.

Highly demanded characteristics

"RESUCAT® 210-27 UV ink series has characteristics such as higher printing speed, higher gloss, longer shelf life and, generally, better all-round properties,” Kristian explains.

“These are characteristics that are in very high demand with our customers and I am very pleased that we can now offer this product - and even at a reasonable price.”

UV inks for meat casings

UV ink with low odor offers more advantages

Odor is an important parameter in the supermarket and for that reason, low odor is a key parameter for the supplier.

The RESUCAT® 210-27 UV inks is among the lowest in terms of odor in the RESUCAT® 210 series. Therefore, this UV ink series provides a real advantage to the brand owner.

The ink's low odor reduces the risk of the ink giving off taste and odor to foods.

At the same time, the working environment in the printing process is improved when the odor is low.

Odor level

Top marks in price and test

The combination of technical advantages and the price is top-notch for RESUCAT® 210-27 UV ink, which is shown below.


Price levels
Price levels uv ink


RESUCAT® 210-27 and the other RESUCAT® 210 have been awarded top marks in adhesion to the substrate and resistance to mechanical exposure, boiling and sterilization and appear impeccable, which is extremely satisfactory.


Tape/Scratch/Boiling resistance
Tape/Scratch/Boiling resistance uv ink

Faster printing speed with our UV ink

RESUCAT® 210-27 UV inks has the fastest cure response of the entire RESUCAT® 210 series, which is very beneficial for the printer. This provides two advantages in the printing process:

  1. You are able to increase productivity by printing at higher speed. This is also more cost efficient for your company.

  2. Cationically cured UV inks are sensitive to water which inhibits curing. This means that you would normally reduce speed at high humidity. Using the RESUCAT® 210-27 UV ink series, you can typically maintain normal printing speed, even at (moderately) elevated humidity.


Cure response


Cure response uv ink

Easy to handle and finer process

RESUCAT® 210-27 UV inks works well in the printing process and will therefore be easier for printers to use.

The viscosity of RESUCAT® 210-27 is the lowest in the RESUCAT® 210 series and is approaching that of traditional flexo inks.


Viscosity uv ink

“Moreover, we expect the spectrum of use to be broader and that materials with varying surface energy can be printed. The advantage to the customer is a high likelyhood of success both when new or old material is being printed,” Finn Cederstrøm concludes.

Long shelf-life and 1K gold & silver

All 210-27 shades have great stability - even at high temperatures.

Stability tests show better shelf life, which means that the UV curing ink does not increase as much in viscosity or cure in the bucket during storage. This allows the customer to increase their buffer stock without increasing the risk.

RESUCAT® 210-27 UV ink series’ high stability enables 1-component gold and silver ink for flexo printing. This eliminates the inconvenience for you, having to dose and mix two components and monitor shelf-life after that.


Stability at 40°C
Stability test uv ink

Can I use all my current designs with Resino's UV ink?

RESUCAT® 210-27 ink series is harmonized with our traditional RESUCAT® 210 ink series.

The harmonized color shades are now switching from one ink series to another without having to change your designs.


Delta E uv ink

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