Elimination of Carbon footprints

Resino has since 2015 been environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. This means, that we at Resino choose to follow a management system where we constantly look at our footprints on the environment.

Patrick Christensen, Maintenance Manager at Resino, explains: “We want to be a chemical company with a clear conscience, which is why we always try to find the most environmentally friendly materials for our ink production“.

We ask ourselves questions every day. Can we sort more waste, use fewer chemicals or save more power? With ISO 14001 comes a very specific requirement that we at Resino is proud to follow: We strive to be as green as possible.

Back in 2012, Resino’s CO2 emissions were 40.77 kg/ton produced. We wanted to change this, and in connection with ISO 14001 certification, we initiated energy-saving measures.

Today we have switched to certified green wind turbine power and we have reduced our CO2 emissions to 0.43 kg/ton produced.

We are proud of our progress, but our journey is not over.