Corona actions April 8

The Easter closing is knocking on our doors and it is time for a corona update.

Dear Customer, 

The Easter closing is knocking on our doors and it is time for a corona update. 

I would like to thank you, our loyal customers, for placing your orders well in advance. 

This helps us to plan manufacturing and deliver to you in time in full. 

Our production is fully booked until the end of April and we are already planning May shipments. We kindly ask you to continue to act up front and start placing your May orders. 

Thankfully our flexible and dedicated colleagues are all well and taking care of themselves and each other. As a result Resino is able to maintain a normal level of manufacturing and supplies even though we operate in 2 separated teams working in alternate weeks at reduced manpower. 

We continue to be well covered with raw materials, providing orders remain at normal levels, except alcohol solvents which are currently under pressure. 

Ethanol is restrained, but still available, at elevated prices. 

N-Propanol (and MEK) has better availability, at elevated prices.

Isopropanol is still available in limited volume, at extremely high price.

Isopropanol is used in only a few Resino products and we have prepared Isopropanol free alternatives. 

Your Resino contact will approach you with our suggested actions. 

We hope the availability problem will pass during the coming weeks and we look forward to return to a normal situation. 

We will continuously post updates in the news section on and inform you directly if the situation is affecting our service to you. 

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact me or your local Resino contact. 

We at Resino wish you a happy Easter vacation 

The letter can be downloaded here.