Non Woven

We are deeply involved in the non-woven hygiene market. Printing on hygiene materials is a delicate process, and we understand to balance physical performance and regulatory demands.

RETURIN® 194-50 series

RETURIN® 194-50 is an alcohol based printing ink for use by flexo- and gravure printing.

RETURIN® 194-50 can be used as 1-Component ink for print on both absorbing and nonabsorbing substrates and as 2-Component ink for printing on substrates with particularly demanding end use properties.

RETURIN® 194-50 was originally developed for surface printing on non woven material.

The fully cured print achieves very high resistance properties, including heat-, frost-, oil & grease- and urine- resistances.

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Sub headline Alcohol based flexo Ink for non woven
Daily cleaning

Formanualcleaning of Anilox,rubber blankets,rollers,cylinders, vessels and othermachine parts, use brushes or anilox pads.

Use the retardersolvent,to avoid exposure and evaporation.

For easy handling use REDIVERS® 300Cleaning gel 2200.


To achieve boiling sterilization, grease and high heat resistances it is necessary to add 10% REDIVERS® 300 promotor 5032 to the ink.

See” RETURIN® 194 Instructions for use.”, for guidance and recommendations for use of the product, particularly how to handle as 2-Component ink.

Shelf life & Storage

RETURIN® 194-50 series should be used within 2 years from manufacture (Gold & Silver 1 year).

It is recommended to store the product at a temperature between 5ºC and 30ºC.

Substrates Aluminum folis, Cellophane, Metallized foils, Treated OPP/PP, Treated PA/NYLON, Treated PET/PE
Additives REDIVERS® 300 Accelerator 0068, REDIVERS® 300 Antiblock 0176, REDIVERS® 300 Antifoam 0126, REDIVERS® 300 Promotor 5032, REDIVERS® 300 Retarder 0082, REDIVERS® 300 Thinner 0088, REDIVERS® 300 Thinner 0093
Performance Oil & grease resistant, Urine resistance
Compliances Indirect food, Swiss, Nestle, Kosher, Halal
Packaging White 17 kg bucket, 225 kg drum, 1000 kg IBC
Packaging Colors 17 kg bucket, 180 kg drum
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• 2K ink for Non woven diapers.