Vision and values


Resino is a globally active company that specializes in printing inks and derived products for food packaging and selected niche areas.

Resino wants to create value through constant product development, high quality and service and a strong trusting relationship with our customers. Resino wants to create solutions that gives increased value for customers’ finished product.

Resino is developing inks with special properties and 
wants to be the world’s leading supplier of:

Printing solutions for sausage casings.

Printing solutions for food packaging.

Niche areas with special requirements for the
color effect on the final product e.g. barrier varnish,
sterilization resistant color, high fastness
(boiling, chemical and light fastness).


Resino focuses on product development for problem solving and wants to be regarded as the world’s leading specialist in printing inks for flexible food packaging.

Resino respects our customers as our most important relationship and are constantly working on improvements which are beneficial to our customers.


It is Resino’s vision to have sales and/or production facilities in selected international markets, which are relevant for achieving our primary vision and goals.