Technical service


Resino’s customers are advised by our skilled technicians, who have solid experience inprinting technology both at home and abroad.

Extensive expertise from our highly experienced laboratory staff, who over the years have built up extensive know-how about printing inks.


Consulting and service for the customer is not limited to product development and general advice before purchasing, but also continues after delivery.


Resino’s product catalogue includes everything from inks to paper and aluminum packaging, from inks for laminated, deep-freeze and sterile packaging, to inks for sausage casings and polystyrene boxes. These are all products which place more than the usual demands on the ink both during and after the printing process.

Further, Resino’s inks can be adapted to fit many conditions. If the ink does not exist in our product catalogue, we will be happy to develop it.


To support Resino’s many foreign customers, we are constantly expanding our advice abroad.

We have skilled technicians, sales representatives and employees present in Germany, Ukraine, South Africa, North America, South America, Central America, and Russia.