Personal Data Security 
Procedure (GDPR)

Personal data security procedure (GDPR)

As a result of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Resino Trykfarver A/S has updated its personal data procedures, which describe how and when we collect data and how we process the data that we collect.

Personal data that we store and process

In order for Resino Trykfarver A/S to be able to process orders and address inquiries, we require access to certain necessary pieces of information.

These pieces of information correspond only to general personal data. Resino Trykfarver A/S does not store any forms of sensitive personal data.

  • Company name and mailing address
  • Relevant contact details
  • Telephone numbers, fax numbers and similar
  • E-Mail
  • Company registration number
  • Invoicing/delivery addresses
  • Data relating to service cases, inquiries and general customer contact

Resino Trykfarver A/S will always respect and take into account any requests for specific items of personal data to be kept secret, such as names, business names, etc.

If the items of information above are not made known to Resino Trykfarver A/S, then Resino Trykfarver A/S reserves the right to reject the order.

The website can be accessed without the need to provide any personal data.

The website uses Google Analytics, Google Tag ManagerGoogle Search Console, Leadfeeder and Hotjar. This means that IP addresses are forwarded on to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Leadfeeder and Hotjar.

Resino Trykfarver A/S collects data in connection with:

  • The creation of accounts
  • The processing of purchases
  • Requests or contact with Resino Trykfarver A/S
  • Cases where personal data is submitted to Resino Trykfarver A/S in connection with any order changes or delivery times and in connection with complaints and projects.

Resino Trykfarver A/S only collects personal data that is required in order to address a potential order, inquiry or service case.

At no point will Resino Trykfarver A/S forward personal data to a third party. 

Use of personal data

Resino Trykfarver A/S collects information and data in order to ensure secure and speedy case handling in connection with:

  • Tailoring/personalising the user experience of our website
  • Customer service, service cases and customer projects
  • Ensuring that order reception and order dispatch occurs in the easiest and simplest possible way
  • Following up inquiries made to Resino Trykfarver A/S
  • Marketing projects

Recipients/users of personal data?

Data submitted over the telephone, via email or through our website will only be forwarded to: 

  • Internal departments, such as the sales department
  • Trusted third parties who are crucial to the completion of a transaction or who are directly related thereto, such as transport companies or debt collectors, for example. 
  • Third parties which manage the interests of Resino Trykfarver A/S, e.g. in connection with operating its ERP or bank systems. 

These three points all relate to trusted departments/companies which exclusively process data and act in accordance with the management and guidelines of Resino Trykfarver A/S.

Termination of customer relations

In line with current legislation, transaction data, contact data and company data are all stored for a period of five years from the date on which formal trading relations are terminated. 

Information about and changes to personal data 

Customer and contact data can be corrected and amended at all times.

Resino Trykfarver A/S does not undertake the correction of data itself, unless consent has been given in advance for this or unless it does so in connection with an ongoing customer relation, case or sales process.

If you would like information about what personal data we store, you can contact Resino Trykfarver A/S by telephone at +45 44973488 or by sending an e-mail to

NOTE: Data which must be stored by law, such as company names or transaction details, CANNOT be deleted before five years as a result of legal requirements. 

Security breaches 

Should Resino Trykfarver A/S be the subject of a security breach, all parties concerned will be informed of this within 72 hours.

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