New website: Get ready for takeoff!

Resino’s brand new website is finally live! Hard work and lots of dedication have been put into the website for months and now we are happy to announce the launch.

The new website is built around our customers and therefore, we aim to make the website customer centric and to upgrade the shopping experience towards our customers. Additionally, we want to give our customers a straightforward way to learn about Resino’s products. 

CEO of Resino, Signe Cederstrøm, says: “We look very much forward to presenting our new website because it lifts our customer focus, and we hope our customers can benefit greatly from the new site. We have upgraded our entire digital efforts a lot over the last year and would like to offer our customers an easy and accessible way for them to be able to gather all the information they need in one place.” 

Furthermore, we have focused on improving the design and the speed of the website to make sure that our customers get the best experience. 

So… Which new features does Resino’s new website offer? 

  1.   Sort your search by products and markets
  2.   Easy access to useful documents
  3.   Create an account
  4.   Buy products directly from site
  5.   View order history
  6.   Safety data sheets available on site

Website feature 1: Sort your search by markets and products 

On the new website, you can sort your search for products by market category and product category. For instance, if you are interested in seeing, which products we have in the market of meat casings you click on the market page. Or maybe you want to see our products in the category of solvent based colors you click on the product page. In this way your search will be more specific, and you can easier find the products you need for your business. 

Moreover, you can order samples of our products if you want to try it out before actual buying it. Just click on the specific product and you will be able to order a sample. 


Website feature 2: Easy access to useful documents 

On the website there will be easy access to the updated technical data sheets (TDS), our brochures and certificates. To Resino it is important that you get all the information on the desired products. We want to make sure that you get a full understanding of our products and services to make sure that your purchase meets all your needs. 

Website feature 3: Create an account

Through our new website you are now able to create a company profile. If you are already an existing customer, you will automatically get your own company profile. The profile provides you a number of benefits when making a purchase at Resino, which we will tell you more about below! If you are not yet a customer at Resino but you want a login to the Resino site you are always welcome to contact us. Please click here to see our contact information. 

Website feature 4: Buy products directly from site

Through your company profile it is now possible to purchase our products directly from the website. The new system is very intuitive and it is easy to place orders. At your personalized profile there is a list of all products you have an agreement on, which you can purchase within a few clicks.

“We want to make it easier for our customers to order products through our new e-commerce portal which is tailored to each customer to provide the most value for them,” CEO Signe Cederstrøm says. 

Furthermore, you are able to reorder your previous purchases if you need the same products as last purchase. 

It has never been easier to shop at Resino’s website. If you are in doubt about which products cover your needs perfectly, you will of course still be able to reach us by phone or mail.

Website feature 5: View order history 

Do you need to keep track on your previous orders at Resino? No problem! On our new website all your previous orders will be gathered with the invoices and credit memos. In that way you do not need to download them to your computer or save it in your mailbox and there is no risk of lost documents. 

Website feature 6: Safety data sheets available on site

If you log into your company profile, you will also gain easy access to the safety data sheets, which are located on the products’ respective landing pages. This easy access makes sure that you always are able to find the safety data sheets you need to be provided with all the necessary knowledge in the chosen language.

Continuously lifting communication through website

To Resino it is important that we continuously improve our communication with our customers. Therefore, the website will keep having a news section where we will constantly deliver up to date content with helpful information, articles, customer successes, company announcements and much more. Furthermore, the website will be linking to our social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Please make sure to subscribe to our social media accounts to always get the latest updates.  

We are very excited about the launching and we hope you will check our new website out! 

We would like to thank our hardworking and talented people at Resino who had put so much energy into developing this website. Also, a thank you to 42 Digital who has helped us developing the new website of Resino.

For any questions or comments, please contact us at

Have you seen our new video about the launching? Check it out on Youtube!