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Individualized inks

Resino’s innovative approach to product development enables us to develop solutions specifically tailored to our customers’ needs and demands.

Special demands

Resino Printing Inks specializes in developing inks for printing on difficult substrates and for general use in packaging.

We are a world leader in the development of printing inks for printing on sausage casings and have a strong position with inks for food packaging, diapers, labels, adhesive tape, gift wrap paper, etc.

As a customer of Resino you are guaranteed

Safe high-quality inks for all purposes.

A safety net in the form of comprehensive technical support.

Highly qualified technical service advice in all areas.

Product quality

Our high product quality and service makes Resino an obvious partner when applying inks to substrates that demand special properties.

Resino is registered as a food contact company – see the latest inspection  here

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