New water based inks for printing on film & foil for outdoor exposure & food packaging.


Going water based is an obvious solution for new installations, because cost on installations and ink storage is much lower, due to No EX-safety requirement and after burner investment can be eliminated.


Even if you are not exposed to VOC limitations and already have the EX-proof installations and after-burner, it may still be advantageous for you to consider a switch from solvent- to water based inks.


Besides a better working environment, an economical analysis can show an ongoing benefit.


REVALUX 167-02 inks are Stronger & brighter which has provided a 40% reduced ink consumption.


Users report good printability, No foaming, No polution on the printing plate, No drying problems.


Easy to clean. Result: total printing process 30-40% faster than previous solvent based printing process.


Often, an amount of solvent required as thinner and for cleaning is similar to the amount of solvent evaporated from the ink. These solvents are replaced by water, a little amine and soap.


Against these calculated benefits, certain investments may be desired (but not absolutely necessary) when converting from solvent to water.


Change anilox to more shallow cells and finer lines. Increase airflow (and heating ?) of drying system.


Ink chamber may need modification and automatic viscosity (and pH) control may be advantageous.



REVALUX 167-02 advantages

Print show good adhesion & and high resistance properties. (Scratch, water, light, weather etc.)


Print suitable for outdoor use: Special pigment & binder selection result in an ink which is outdoor stable and pass NEN-EN 13651 migration test.


The ink can be approved for print on the outside of food packaging films, incl. Deep freeze packaging.


Economical: Stronger & brighter inks = usage reduced by 40% !


Printability: Good printability = total printing process 30-40% faster


No foaming, No polution on the printing plate, Nodrying problems. Easy to clean.